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SkyScreen - Screen Printing Supplies | Anil Brahmbhatt

Managing Director, SkyScreen India Pvt. Ltd.


ustomer delight is the sole reason for our existence. We approach industries with a wider perspective. We believe our role is to understand your needs and deliver solutions that comprehensively fulfill those needs. SkyScreen has actively followed the trend of one-stop solution provider to become a leading player in the field of screen printing.

Understanding customers needs from diverse industry backgrounds has been paramount to SkyScreen’s functioning as an organization. Delighting customers with the best screen printing materials and equipments has been the most important goal of our organization. This has become an integral part of our day-to-day business practice.

As a result of this consistent effort and endeavour, we became an organization which could anticipate expectations in terms of quality. With a strong team of hard-working and zealous individuals, we were able to meet these demands and go beyond fulfilling these expectations. SkyScreen owes its success to the team that makes good performance not only possible but also inspires leadership.

Our products are hand-picked from the best international brands like Nittoku, Ulano, Zhyongi, Marabu and Schekolin . These brands have an impressive global footprint in terms of consistence delivery of quality screen printing materials and equipments across various sectors.

SkyScreen has chosen its alliance partners carefully; and that is very important for our confidence in providing top notch quality products to our customers.

Our portfolio spans over various screen printing solutions such as pre-stretched screen printing frames, superior screen printing inks, mesh, and chemicals and emulsions.

We are consistently trying to make efforts to meet the growing industry expectations. Screen printing as an industry owes its evolution to creativity. Innovation in screen printing is inspired and guided by creativity. Since creativity knows no boundaries, innovation must also be limitless.

To be able to meet this rapidly evolving industry’s expectations requires one to be ahead of curve. Screen printing products, materials and equipments must therefore be of the best quality. We are constantly aware of these requirements and most importantly, we deliver excellent screen printing products – a step ahead of industry’s requirements.

We hope to assist industries, businesses and start-ups to explore creativity and innovation with nothing but the best screen printing materials. I believe that when it comes to application of screen printing in any industry from Automobiles to Textile or Graphic Printing, sky is the limit.

Anil Brahmbhatt
Managing Director, SkyScreen India Pvt. Ltd.


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