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Health and Safety Information

Frame Adhesive Green Fast + is highly flammable.

First Aid Tip! It should never be inhaled; always use a mask while application. Wear gloves.

Fastest drying, most resilient, strongest bonding screen printing frame adhesives ever

When we say fast drying, we keep in mind that screens sometimes need to be re-stretched. Frame Adhesive Green Fast+ is peelable for the ease of re-stretching and yet it dries up in no time. Water-based inks, UV inks, solvent-based inks… bring it on. The screen printing frames will not lose tension. In less than seven minutes, your screen is ready for a cut-out. Frame Adhesive Green Fast+ totally eliminates over-lacquering.

4 Hard-to-Miss Product Benefits of Frame Adhesive Green Fast +

  • Maximum Screen Tension

    Job after job, your mesh remains taut on your frame.

  • Fast Cut-Out Time

    Never lose a minute of screen printing. Never lose a dollar.

  • Excellent Resistance

    Because inks and frame adhesives shouldn’t get along.

  • Long Pot Life

    An unmatched pot life of around 45 minutes.

How to Avoid Screen Printing Frame Adhesive Failure


Make sure the frame surface is free of dirt, grime, oil, water, and solvents before applying screen printing frame adhesive. If the frame surface is too smooth, use sandpaper or grinder to roughen up the surface. Do not over-do. If you’re using an old frame, make sure you remove bits of old mesh, excess dried up glue, oil and dirt properly. Use acetone based solvent to prepare the old screen printing frame.


Frame adhesives come in two varieties – low viscosity (LV) and high viscosity (HV). As a general rule, use frame adhesives with low viscosity on high mesh count wherein the thread matrix is dense for adhesive to flow through and use highly viscous frame adhesives on low mesh count.


Use a short bristle brush to apply frame adhesive on the bonding side of the mesh. Use pressure while application; this ensures there are no bubbles showing through the mesh – usually indicative of poor bonding.


In 3 to 7 minutes, the frame adhesive dries up depending on the thickness of frame adhesive coating and room temperature. In 3-7 minutes the mesh screen frame can be cut out from stretching machine. The complete chemical resistance is attained in 24 hours and screen printing frame becomes tolerant to inks, water and solvents.

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