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Ulano Frame Adhesive New EPL


Two-Component Frame Adhesive

Ulano Frame Adhesive New EPL is a versatile, durable, medium-low viscosity fabric adhesive for all types of frames commonly used in screen printing: aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized iron and wood. It is a two-part adhesive with high resistance to all common types of chemicals, cleaning compounds, inks and solvents used in the screen printing industry. Frame Adhesive New EPL dries rapidly, will not split or damage the threads of adhered fabric, and resists high fabric tensioning.

After mixing Frame Adhesive New EPL 100:2 by weight with its corresponding Catalyst, Ulano Frame Adhesive New EPL can be applied easily with a brush, paintbrush or rubber burnisher. The twp products are sold together in sets with a usefull plastic vessel and a wooden rod in order to weigh and mix both components Ulano Screen Adhesive New EPL is in natural colour.

Product Features Benefits

Extendes Pot Life: New formulated adhesive (mixture of base adhesive & Catalyst) can remain for 1 to 2 days, if kept in air-tight bottle

Stable Formulation: Performs reliably under less than ideal conditions Resists all common inks, pastes and chemical products, as well as aggressive solvents

Special Solvents: Promote excellent adhesion Forgiving of inadequate fabric preparation

Drying Time: Between 20 and 35 minutes in order to continue with subsequent work on the screen, depending on the fabric to be adhered and the ambient humidity. Total curing after 24 hours

Low Viscosity: Since low viscosity very case in application even in very fine mesh without losing its adhesion power

Storage Life: In the original, unopened package: 2 years. Once mixed, pot life of mixture is 1 to 2 days, if kept in air-tight bottle.


1 Kilogram Ulano Frame Adhesive New EPL sold with 200 grams of Frame Adhesive Catalyst: EPL

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