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KingSmart Screen Printing Frames: Efficient and Intelligent!

The KingSmart range of pre-stretched screen printing frames are mounted with Nittoku Smartmesh-N. For KingSmart Screen Printing Frames, we have chosen white nylon mesh with a mesh count of 120-140 – ideal for most screen printing applications. To ensure even tension, job after job, the mesh is bonded with Ulano adhesives. The wood itself is hand picked by our screen printing experts.

KingSmart Screen Printing Frames are stretched on an automatic pneumatic machine for consistent tension on every inch of the frame. SkyScreen has used only the best screen printing materials to manufacture these ready-to-use KingSmart screen printing frames for the ease and convenience of screen printers across different industries.

SkyScreen’s range of customisable and ready-to-print KingSmart Screen Printing Frames can be used for:

  • Even Tension
  • Proper Adhesion of Film and Emulsion
  • Proper Registration
  • Great Results in Sharp Edge Printing
  • Durability and Trouble Free Printing

This helps save a lot of time and effort for screen printing professionals, as the best products are all rolled into one powerhouse of a screen printing frame! To ensure efficiency and best results, trust our range of KingSmart Screen Printing Frames.

If you want special sizes in bulk quantities for KingSmart screen printing frames range, then email us at or call us at +91-22-24021144. We’ll be glad to be of assistance!

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