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Mara® Glass MGL

MaraGlass MGL is a solvent-based, two-component screen printing ink for indoor decoration prints onto glass, metal, ceramics, chrome-plated, and coated surfaces. If a high chemical or water resistance is required the printed ink film must be tempered for 30 min at 140°C.


  • Highly brilliant Maracolor colour range
  • High chemical, filler, and dishwasher resistance
  • Silicone-free and suited for laminating
  • Free of aromatic compounds: Complies with IKEA Standard MAT-0066
  • Highly pigmented colour pastes for mixing possibilities and opacity as required

Product properties

Ink system: solvent-based, 2-component
Drying: fast
Degree of gloss : high gloss
Opacity: medium
Outdoor resistance: low


Glass & Ceramics  

Anodised aluminium 

Coated substrates 


 limited suitability
 with hardener
 no dishwasher resistance
 with adhesion modifier