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Mara® Glow GW

The three MaraGlow GW colours base on a low odour binding system with different pigment qualities and phosphorescent durations.
For increased resistances or outdoor use, two varnishes are available as protective coating.


  • Solvent-based 1-component phosphorent ink
  • Two different pigment qualities for differing phosphorescent duration qualities
  • For long-term outdoor use a corresponding protective varnish is recommended

Product properties

Ink system: solvent-based, 1-component
Drying: slow
Degree of gloss : matt
Opacity: low
Outdoor resistance: high


Paper, corrugated paper 

PVC, rigid 

Self-adhesive PVC foil 

Polystyrene (PS) 


Acrylic glass (PMMA) 

Polycarbonate (PC) 


 limited suitability
 with hardener
 no dishwasher resistance
 with adhesion modifier