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Need 20×24 screen printing frames or 23×21 screen printing frames or very large screen printing frames? No problem. Tell us your what you need at

Ready-to-Print Screen Printing Frames

Making an accurate wooden or aluminum screen printing frame can be a nerve wracking and time consuming process. Needless to say in screen printing business, accuracy has a direct bearing on profits and time is of essence.
Selecting a right frame (aluminum or wood?) is just the tip of the iceberg, screen printing problems run deeper.

“Which mesh brand to choose?” or “Which screen printing adhesives will ensure zero impact of humidity?” or “how much tension is just right for the job?” – These questions need to be addressed lest you fall into trap of drowning sales pitches. That’s when amateur and small to medium scale screen printers wish to have bespoke pre-stretched screen printing frames.

Skyscreen presents KingSmart and JetSmart range of pre-stretched wood/aluminum frames for accurate screen printing. While these pre-stretched frames come in most popular sizes, they can also be made to order. The ingredients and processes that go into every screen printing frame that ships out of Skyscreen’s warehouse in Mumbai, reflect company’s long standing commitment to bring at screen printers’ doorsteps, wherever they are, only the quality products.

Over 20 years in screen printing business and alliances with screen printing giants, Skyscreen has not only perfected the art of making screen printing stencils but has also become Indian sub-continent’s most trusted custom screen printing frame manufacturer.

Six reasons why you should buy custom screen printing frames


The aluminum and wood frames have to pass stringent quality tests before they’re cleared. If they’re faulty, Skyscreen offers money back guarantee.


Ready-to-Print Screen Printing Frames come pre-fitted with Nittoku SmartMesh P and SmartMesh N or Japanese intelligence in every inch. Nittoku mesh has “mesh memory,” or ability to retain original tension and character, print run after print run.


The mesh is glued with Ulano screen printing adhesives. The unmatched chemistry of Ulano screen printing chemicals is a result of 83 years of perseverance and dedication to keep screen printing alive and kicking.


A screen printing frame is as good as its maker. Skyscreen employs seasoned screen printing professionals who infuse screen printing love into every inch of pre-stretched frame


At Skyscreen’s factory, we have stretching machines that guarantee even tension. As a result, you get better registration and zero rejection rate.


Why do you want to make your own screen printing frames when you can order them? Ask for a free quote for your bespoke screen printing frames.

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