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Consult the SkyScreen-Nittoku Screen Printing Mesh Guide for perfect screen printing results. Know the perfect screen mesh sizes for your industry.

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Japanese intelligence in every inch – brought to you by SkyScreen

Gone are those days of screen printing when same mesh screen could be used over and over again. With your customers demanding more out of screen printing, especially in a time when digital printing has made customization easy and time of delivery extremely fast, you just can’t rely on old methods. Since quality of digital printing cannot match quality of screen printing, the rewards for choosing only the best mesh screens with different mesh counts for different jobs are limited only by imagination.

7 Reasons Why You Must Choose Mesh by Nittoku


Every inch of SmartMesh is woven with over 50 years of Research and Development to give nothing but the best screen printing basic for high quality results.


With mesh count that ranges from 15 to 508 threads per inch, you’re spoilt for choices. This accommodates all your screen printing requirements.


SmartMesh-P has mesh memory. Print after print, job after job, your screen will retain tension and original character.


SmartMesh bonds like no other. The strong emulsion bond ensures that your work remains other screen printer’s envy and keeps them guessing.


Improved ink transfer. Less ink consumption. Serious savings for serious screen printers. SmartMesh is one of the best mesh for screen printing.


SmartMesh-N is nothing like other nylon meshes. The SS-30 technology not only has improved adhesiveness, improved ink pass through, and shorter exposure time of these nylon meshes but also ensures zero impact on environment since no chemicals or resins are used.


Nittoku’s SUPER FINE processing inculcates strong antistatic property into the meshes. Say goodbye to lost productivity on account of dust adhesion and ink scattering.

To know about the perfect screen printing mesh count, for different industries and purposes, it is advisable to consult the screen printing mesh guide for Nittoku’s SmartMesh. This is ideal for knowing the apt screen printing mesh sizes for different utilities.

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