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SkyScreen Autostrip Powder – An affordable, easy-to-use stencil remover

SkyScreen Autostrip powder is special formulation that offers power of stencil remover in powdered form. It’s affordable too as compared to liquid stencil removers. Its powdered form blesses it with long life and easy handling. Just mix water into the stencil remover and you have a strong concoction that can remove any film or emulsion effortlessly.

Mixing SkyScreen Autostrip Powder

For general use, add water as directed on the product label to make 1% strength solution. For stubborn stencils, use 2% strength solution. To make 2% strength solution, just add half the water as added in 1% solution.

Stencil Removal in 5 Easy Steps


Clean all ink residues with an all purpose ink wash. Apply ink remover on both sides of the mesh and scrub with a nylon brush.


Rinse both sides of mesh with cold water to remove all solvent traces. Make sure that all the chemicals are removed, no traces should remain.


With a round brush, apply SkyScreen Autostrip Powder solution liberally on both sides of the mesh.


Wait for 3-5 minutes while the emulsion coating dissolves. Don’t let SkyScreen Autostrip Powder solution to dry onto the screen as this will make the stencil removal difficult.


Rinse the stencil with a high pressure water gun, ensure that all the traces of the chemical are removed. You’ll be delighted by the results!

Health and Safety Information

SkyScreen India recommends industrial workers to wear gloves, goggles, and protective clothing, while handling and dealing with screen printing chemicals and materials. It’s a best practice.

First Aid Tip! Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Call the physician immediately if swallowed accidentally.

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