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SkyScreen CB-II Squeegees: The Smartest Squeegees for the toughest screen printing jobs

SkyScreen CB-II Squeegees is a special polyurethane blade with exceptional combined resistance to chemicals and abrasion. The blades can withstand extreme changes in temperature and humidity. The industry standard CB squeegee is of universal grade and should be screen printers’ ideal choice for critical abrasive application or when using common screen inks.

SkyScreen CB-II Squeegees’ blades are manufactured using a centrifugal process to avoid bubbles and craters in the material and to promote homogeneity in the compound, even at the core of the material or after grinding. Our computerized casting process guarantees batch to batch consistency.

All our SkyScreen CB-II Squeegees are inspected for quality, before they are shipped off to our customers. The packaging itself is the result of scientific process to ensure long life and safe handling of SkyScreen CB-II Squeegees. In terms of durability and product quality, SkyScreen CB-II Squeegees enjoy a lion’s share in the market of screen printing squeegees in India.

SkyScreen CB-II Squeegees are recommended for the following screen printing applications:

  • Graphics multi-purpose printing
  • Graphics specialties (Electronics, Industrial, etc.)
  • Object / container printing
  • Automated textile printing
  • Manual or automatic equipment use

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