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Ink friendly emulsion for screen printing Nirvana

SkyScreen SS-5 HD Textile Emulsion is a water-resistant emulsion for screen printing Nirvana. Compatible with virtually all inks, including plastisols, this emulsion requires fewer coats, dries and exposes faster than other screen printing emulsions.

SkyScreen SS-5 HD Textile Emulsion’s high solids content guarantees even stencil build per coat and exceptional mesh bridging. Emulsion is odor-free and has zero impact on the environment.

How to use SkyScreen SS-5 HD Textile Emulsion for Screen Printing Nirvana


Thoroughly degrease the mesh using good degreaser. For optimum results, it is recommended that the screen mesh be degreased properly. We recommend Ulano’s Magic Mesh Prep


Let the mesh dry completely and apply the SkyScreen SS-5 HD Textile Emulsion using a coating trough. Coating should be carried out in ideal shop conditions, preferably under yellow light.


Apply one coat of emulsion on the print side of the mesh. Turn the frame and apply two coats to the squeegee side of the mesh.


Dry the screen in the horizontal position with the squeegee side up in a dryer. For manual drying, ensure the drying area is dust free and dark.


The dry screen may be dated and stored in a cool, dark, dry cabinet or used immediately. SkyScreen recommends that you use our recommended tips for the best possible screen printing results.

Health and Safety Information

Rinse any residue of SkyScreen SS-5 HD Textile Emulsion from the screen with water properly. Do not inhale.

First Aid Tip! Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear gloves, goggles, and protective clothing. Work in a well ventilated area and to not breathe SkyScreen SS-5 HD Textile Emulsion fumes.

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