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SkyScreen UV Wash – Fast evaporating, heavy duty UV ink cleaner

UV based flexographic inks can be stubborn, even when fully cured. UV Wash by Skyscreen is a powerful solvent for safe and total removal of UV inks, even in most challenging of shop situations. A proprietary blend of solvents, UV Wash can be used to clean inking rollers and blankets. Since it dries almost instantly, UV Wash multiplies press efficiency. As an added advantage, UV Wash can effortlessly remove varnishes from the mesh.

UV WASH contains no CFC solvents, or any harmful glycol ethers making it occupationally and environmentally safe.

SkyScreen UV-Wash is one of the best products from the SkyScreen product range for seamless screen printing.It is designed for heavy duty use across different industries for screen printing. It is advisable to use products or chemicals that are environment friendly. SkyScreen UV Wash is a product that is both good for your profits as it increases the shelf life of your mesh and it is also good for the planet. Choose SkyScreen UV Wash and discover the best of screen printing products – and experience.

Health and Safety Information

SkyScreen UV Wash contains a mildly acidic and may lead to skin and eye irritation after a prolonged contact. Take proper health precautions before using screen printing chemicals.

First Aid Tip! In case of contact with the eyes or skin, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes and contact a physician.

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