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Ulano Acti Ghost Rapid Gel – Real holy water for screen printing exorcism

Ghosts can bring a bad juju to your screen printing business. When your printing quality suffers, you might end up losing your most profitable but demanding account. How do avoid ghosts and haze on the screen. The answer is Ulano’s Acti Ghost Rapid Gel is more than 75 years of research packed into one revolutionary product.

Stop using cheap fixes such as, thinners and varsols. They do more harm than good – to your health, and to your mesh screen. They make resins in the ink to swell up which make the inks all the more stubborn.

Bust Screen Printing Ghosts in 3 Simple Steps by using Ulano Acti Ghost Rapid Gel


The first step is to remove ink from the screen by using a quality all purpose ink, preferably Ulano All Purpose Ink Wash.


Use a good stencil remover, such as Ulano’s Stencil Remover No. 4, to reclaim the screen. Rinse thoroughly with water.


Apply Acti Ghost Rapid Gel vigorously on both sides of the mesh. Wait no more than 5 – 10 minutes before rinsing or it could damage your mesh. Never let it dry on the mesh.


Rinse the screen. To prevent chemical splash backs, flush the screen thoroughly with low pressure water, then use a commercial power spray gun to remove ink stains and stencil residues.

Health and Safety Information

Avoid contact with eyes and skin; wear gloves, goggles, mask and protective clothing when using Acti Ghost Rapid Gel. Work in a well ventilated area; do not breathe the fumes. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for health and safety information.

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