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Health and Safety Information

Ulano All Mesh Prep No. 25 contains a mildly acidic and may lead to skin and eye irritation after a prolonged contact. Take proper health precautions before using screen printing chemicals.

First Aid Tip! In case of contact with the eyes or skin, flush immediately with water for 15 minutes and contact a physician.

Ulano All Mesh Prep 25 – A perfect partner to direct films

Sticking direct films on a screen printing frame can be challenging. A stencil is of no use if a direct film isn’t uniformly attached to the mesh frame. All Mesh Prep 25 is ready-to-use mordant that promotes water retention property of the mesh and hence, ensures uniform adhesion of direct films to the screen. All Mesh Prep 25 works best with CDF range of direct films. Just coat and rinse, and mesh screen is ready for any type of direct film. Since the mordant is non-caustic, there is no harm to frames, mesh, or adhesion properties of the adhesives.

4 Hard-to-Miss Product Benefits of Ulano All Mesh Prep 25

  • Improves Mesh wettability

    Better water retention, better direct film adhesion.

  • No Collateral Damage

    No impact on mesh, frame, or adhesive.

  • Longer Stencil Life

    For many print runs.

  • Saves Money

    No wastage of direct films, higher profits.

How to Make a Screen Printing Frame for Direct Films


Apply Ulano All Mesh Prep 25 on a thoroughly degreased mesh. Use immediately before applying direct films on mesh frame.


Rinse both sides of the screen printing frame with water. Before the application of Ulano All Mesh Prep 25 ensure that the screen printing frame surface is even.


Apply Ulano All Mesh Prep 25 with a medium-stiff, long bristle nylon brush on both sides of the screen printing frame. Wait for two minutes.


Rinse the screen thoroughly with hot or cold water. Ensure that the chemicals have all been removed. The screen must be even.


Ulano All Mesh Prep 25 should be used no more than one hour before sticking the direct film. If you fail to do so, re-wet the screen just before sticking the direct film.

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