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Ulano All Purpose Ink Wash – Removes all screen printing inks. All of them.

A unique blend of solvents, All Purpose Ink Wash is the most reliable ink washup chemical for screen making. For manual removal of virtually all screen printing inks – including solvent-based, enamel, vinyl, multipurpose, or UV inks – trust Ulano All Purpose Ink Wash.

Its active formula ensures that no ghosts or haze are left behind.

How to Remove Ink from your Screen by using Ulano All Purpose Ink Wash


Apply Ulano All Purpose Ink Wash on the print side of the screen. Use a non-abrasive, soft bristled scrub brush to work out the ink on both sides of the screen. Start at the bottom of the screen and apply the ink washup chemical in rounded motion, and work your way from left to right. Move up in this fashion to the topmost row of the screen.


Use a high pressure water gun to rinse all ink residue from the screen. Ensure that all the ink residue is properly washed off from the screen.


In case if there are some residues in the form of ghosts, then Use Acti Ghost Rapid Gel.

Ulano All Purpose Ink Wash is your ideal partner for screen washing. Any type of ink can be removed from your screen through this product. Trust SkyScreen India to bring you the best quality screen printing materials from its alliance with world renowned brands like Ulano, USA.

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