Product Information

Color: Green
VOCs: none
Storage at room temperature 68-75°F (20 – 25ºC): lasts 2 years in original container.
Air dries, so keep the cap on.
Disposal: Ulano Extra Heavy Blockout No. 10 is biodegradable and can be emptied down drains safely.
Flash point: not applicable – no solvents

Product Availability

  • 1 quart (0.946 liters) 12 per case
  • 1 gallon (3.785 liters) 4 per case
  • 5 gallons (18.927 liters)
  • 50 gallons (189.25 liters)

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Ulano Extra Heavy Blockout 10 – Now fix pinholes and block open screen areas without breaking a sweat

Pinholes can be greatest threat to your screen printing quality. And fixing them not only requires an artist’s precision but also a good screen blockout. Ulano Extra Heavy Blockout No. 10 is the fastest drying screen blockout in the town. It’s extra heavy, non-flammable, and water soluble with drying characteristics quite similar to indirect films.

Thanks to its viscosity, just a single coat is enough to cover the open areas. It also makes it easier to handle, especially more so on coarse mesh. Need to touch up open areas or pinholes on your screen mesh? No problem, just add a little water to Extra Heavy Blockout 10 and bingo! You have fastest drying screen blockout ever. Since Ulano Extra Heavy Blockout 10 is contains no organic solvents, it poses no threat to screen printer’s health.

Here’s a caveat: Ulano Extra Heavy Blockout 10 is recommended only with non-aqueous inks.

How to use screen filler like a Pro


Before printing, completely air dry screen filler the same way you would dry your stencil. There should not be any moisture or wetness.


Use Ulano Extra Heavy Blockout No. 10 for easiest handling, whether for fixing pinholes or open areas with a single coating or with a coarse mesh.


For direct emulsion and CDF Direct-Film stencils: On the printing side of the screen, pour some Ulano Extra Heavy Blockout No. 10 onto the border area. Scrape it evenly into the mesh, using a piece of cardboard or plastic. Apply a second, “reinforcing,” coat to the squeegee side of the screen, if necessary.


For Indirect System stencils: For best register and a strong “knit,” between stencil and screen filler, apply the screen filler, as above, when the screen mesh is dry, but before the indirect film is completely dry. Apply the screen filler to the printing side of the screen, going over the edges of the backing sheet.


For touch-ups:Use as is or thin the screen filler with water and touch up with either end of an artist’s brush.


To remove Extra Heavy Blockout 10: Use water to dissolve screen filler after ink removal, but before stencil removal.

Ulano Extra Heavy Blockout 10 is one of the most effective screen printing chemicals to prolong longevity to your screen printing mesh. Just one coat ensures that there are no hindrances to the quality of screen printing. SkyScreen India is proud to be associated with Ulano, USA to bring you the best screen printing chemicals and emulsions in India.

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