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Health and Safety Information

Ulano Gel No. 23 may cause skin irritation.

First Aid Tip! In case of contact with the eyes or skin, rinse immediately with running water for 15 minutes and contact a physian.

Say goodbye to pinholes and fish eyes

They say prevention is better than cure. Even new mesh screens aren’t immune to contamination with oil and dirt. And if contamination happens, it might become impossible to touch up the open areas left by the “fish eyes.” To prevent such unfortunate accidents, degreasing becomes necessary. Ulano’s Gel No. 23 has been created to prevent just that.

A combined action of abrasive particles and degreasing agent makes Gel No. 23 is the best mesh degreaser ever. It’s a two products rolled into one – Ulano’s Microgrit No. 2 and Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3.

The abrasive action of Ulano Gel 23 promotes better wetting of the screen mesh and adhesion of the stencil, and thus, ensures a longer press life. Its degreasing action thoroughly cleans the screen. With dirt, dust, and oils removed from the mesh, the pinholes and fish eyes become a thing of the past.

Its thixotropic character makes it easy to clean even the largest of screens. Ulano Gel No. 23 is non-caustic and will not harm frames, mesh, or adhesives on stretch-and-glue frames.

4 Hard-to-Miss Product Benefits of Ulano Gel 23

  • Two Products in One

    Why buy Microgrit and Screen Degreaser separately? Why not save money? This is easily one of the most cost effective screen printing products in India.

  • Longer Screen Life

    Never let dirt, dust, or oil eat away into your profits. Keep your screens squeaky clean.

  • Easy-to-Use

    Preparing large screens? No problem. Just hold them vertically.

  • Non-caustic

    Attacks dirt and grime. Not your mesh and frames.

Ulano Gel No. 23 is a product that optimally enhances your screen mesh’s life. The advanced technology enables it to attack only dirt and grime, not your screen mesh.

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