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Ulano Indirect Films – hardworking Films for hardworking screen printers!

No matter what the job, no matter what the solvent, Ulano Indirect Films delivers every time. These films produce excellent results and they are most suitable for the Indian sub-continent’s screen printing requirements. Tough screen printers swear by Ulano Indirect Films. They are on top of every screen printer’s list for having excellent film quality and maximum durability.

Since Ulano Indirect Films come loaded with so many features and benefits that contribute towards effortless quality in screen printing, they are trusted across industries. For any screen printing job, having the right film is the most important of all steps. The quality of screen printing chemicals and emulsions also determines the result of the screen printing job, but having the right stencil film is paramount. Ulano Indirect Films enjoy a good reputation for rough and sustained usage in the Indian sub-continent. Even then it promises – and delivers – quality.

Features of Ulano Indirect Films

  • Excellent Film Quality & Durability
  • Suitable for All Kind of Jobs
  • Excellent Working with Solvent, UV & Plastisol Inks
  • Longer Print Runs
  • Excellent Edge Definition and High Resolution
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Easy to Reclaim

Features of Ulano Indirect Films

  • Resolution: 40 – 60 microns
  • QR10042x150 42″ x 150″
  • QR10042x197 42″ x 197″
  • QR10042x394 42″ x 394″
  • QR10042x600 42″ x 600″

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