Product Information

Flash point: N.A.
Color: Orange
VOC: None
Density: 0.98 gm./cubic cm.
pH value: 4.7
Storage: 1 year in original container, at 68º F. (20º Celsius)
Disposal: Magic Mesh Prep can generally be emptied into drains, though it is best to review MSDS with local authorities.

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Ulano Magic Mesh Prep – Three actions. One revolutionary product. Isn’t it magic?

Ulano Magic Mesh Prep is truly magical. It is a screen degreaser, a wetting agent, and an antistatic treatment. Not just that, screen printers find that it is easy to apply emulsions uniformly on a mesh screen treated with Ulano Magic Mesh Prep. That’s due to Magic Mesh Prep’s ability to facilitate flow property of liquids. This also promotes smooth ink transfer, resulting in better print quality.

The antistatic property of Ulano Magic Mesh Prep prevents whiskering and feathering of ink when printing under low humidity conditions. Screen printers of India swear by Ulano Magic Mesh Prep when the temperatures fall and air becomes dry and cleaning the screen becomes tough.

4 Hard-to-Miss Product Benefits of Ulano Magic Mesh Prep

  • Degreaser

    Cleans the screen. Improves stencil life.

  • Wetting Agent

    Facilitates better coating of emulsions, adhesion of direct films, and ink transfer.

  • Anti-static Treatment

    Low humidity conditions shouldn’t impact print image quality.

  • Environment Friendly

    Biodegradable. VOC-free. Zero occupational and environmental hazard.

How to Use Magic Mesh Prep for Maximum Magic


Apply Ulano Magic Mesh Prep uniformly with a brush on both sides of the mesh just before stencil making.


Rinse both sides of the mesh screen with water until all foam disappears. The rinse water forms a uniform, sleek “film,” of water on the mesh.


Apply indirect or capillary system films immediately after rinsing, while the screen is still wet. The screen should be allowed to dry in a dust-free environment before coating direct emulsions or applying direct/indirect system stencils.

Ulano Magic Mesh Prep is available in quart (946 ml.), U.S. gallon (3.78 lt.), 5 U.S. gallon (18.92 lt.) and 50 U.S. gallon (189.25 lt.) units. Quart units are packaged 12 per carton; U.S. gallon units are packaged 4 per carton; 5 and 50 U.S. gallon units are packaged individually.

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