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Ulano Masking Film – Specially for camera speed darkroom films!

Rubylith® is a red Ulano masking film, which is suited for use with orthochromatic films. Orthochromatic is a portmanteau word that comes from ortho, which means straight or correct and chromatic which means colored. Rubylith® is “safe” for use with camera speed darkroom films as well as indirect gelatin stencil films and diazo, diazo acrylic, or SBQ sensitized stencil films or emulsions. Rubylith® is primarily used in the camera and plate making operations for offset lithography, flexography, gravure, and screen processes where orthochromatic films and plates are used.

Ulano Stencil Films and Ulano Masking Films are the most trusted brands for screen printing films. And they are trusted by screen printers all over the globe. In the Indian sub-continent, which is characteristic of the rough and demanding use of screen printing, Ulano Masking films are known for their durability and maximum impact. For sensitive screen printing jobs, look no further than buying Ulano masking Film.

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