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  • 5 gallons (18.927 liters)
  • 50 gallons (189.27 liters)

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Ulano QT-Discharge Emulsion: Discharge inks are no longer stencil abusive.

Discharge inks, with alkalinity strong enough to remove dyes from garments while simultaneously printing new colors, are among the most stencil abusive inks in screen printing industry.

Ulano QT-DISCHARGE Emulsion is specially formulated to overcome this tyranny of discharge inks. It offers superior resistance not only to discharge inks but is compatible with water-based and plastisol inks too. It requires fewer coats than 925WR or 995WR, dries more quickly, and exposes twice as fast.

Ulano QT-DISCHARGE Emulsion has a high (45%) solids content, providing good stencil build per coat, excellent mesh bridging of coarse mesh, and fast drying.

Some hard-to-miss Product Benefits of Ulano QT-DISCHARGE Emulsion

  • Works well with discharge inks. Also compatible with virtually all water-based inks and plastisols textile inks
  • Comes with powdered diazo, hence no hazardous shipping restrictions.
  • Durability can be extended with Hardener D.
  • Fast exposing means more stencil throughput in high volume shops.
  • Can be used with weak light sources.
  • High (45%) solids content dries quickly; good build-up per coat.
  • Lower Rz value yields sharper printed edges.
  • No occupational or environmental risk. Odorless and VOC-free. Biodegradable.
  • High contrast red color for easier touchups

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