Product Availability

  • QSRL4 1 quart (0.946 liters) 12 per case
  • GSRL4 1 gallon (3.785 liters) 4 per case
  • 5GSRL4 5 gallons (18.927 liters)
  • 50GSRL4 50 gallons (189.25 liters)

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Health and Safety Information

Ulano Stencil Remover Liquid No. 4 is a strong oxidant. It can cause skin irritation; use gloves. Keep the container closed tightly. Clean spills immediately.

First Aid Tip! In case of contact with the eyes or skin, flush immediately with water. If irritation develops, contact a physician.

Ulano Stencil Remover No. 4 – Ink haze and tiresome screen cleaning will seem like a distant memory.

One of a kind, fast acting, most thorough – this is how screen printers who use this ink wash-up chemical for screen making. Ulano Stencil Remover No. 4 is ready-to-use and is ideal for the most fast and comprehensive emulsion removal. This emulsion remover can be used on direct emulsions, CDF Direct Films, and indirect films from all kinds of mesh, including metalized polyester.

Ulano Stencil Remover No. 4 guarantees the most thorough action but not at the cost of mesh. Since this screen cleaning chemical doesn’t contain strong alkalis or hypochlorites, rest assured that it won’t etch the mesh. This also makes it adhesive-friendly; Ulano Stencil Remover No. 5 would never attack adhesives on stretch-and-glue frames. For screen printing ease, it’s also odor-free.

4 Hard-to-Miss Product Benefits of Ulano All Mesh Prep 25

  • Improves Mesh wettability

    Better water retention, better direct film adhesion.

  • No Collateral Damage

    No impact on mesh, frame, or adhesive.

  • Longer Stencil Life

    For many print runs.

  • Saves Money

    No wastage of direct films, higher profits.

How to Use Emulsion Remover for Screen Reclamation


Remove ink on the screen with a proper solvent. Ensure that all the traces of the ink have been removed. The surface must be even.


Use Ulano Screen Degreaser Liquid No. 3 to get rid of solvent residues and to help accelerate the action of stencil remover. Rinse thoroughly.


Use a soft brush to apply Ulano Stencil Remover No. 4 on both sides of the screen. The application must be even on both the sides.


Wait for five minutes – no longer. Make sure stencil remover doesn’t dry on the screen, as this can result in a permanent stencil.


Wash away the stencil with power spray of water. You can use high pressure water to ensure there are no traces of the remover on the stencil.

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