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Ultra Pack LEDC

UltraPack LEDC is a LED-curable Screen Printing Ink which delivers excellent results in terms of adhesion, opacity, degree of gloss, and reactivity. It is suitable for container printing and flatbed label applications.

Advantages of LED-curing

  • No thermal stress for the substrate
  • No ventilation necessary
  • No pre-heating necessary, for high outputs
  • Highest energy efficiency

Product properties

Ink system: LED-curable
Curing: very fast
Degree of gloss : high gloss
Opacity: high


Polyethylene (PE), pre-treated  

Polypropylen (PP), pre-treated  

Polyester (PETG, PETA) 

PVC, rigid 

Polycarbonate (PC) 

Polystyrene (PS) 

 limited suitability
 with hardener
 no dishwasher resistance
 with adhesion modifier