Vinyl Remover

Save Time, Money, & Minimal waste

The Vinyl Remover is capable of stripping away any film from your cutting plotter or print’n cut. It is designed for easy mounting on your worktable with just 6 screws, or to be mounted on your flatbed laminator and you can even use it on a portable table stand.

The working width is up to 850mm.

It’s operated with a single hand driven crank and gets the job done in no time. You can even pause in the middle of a job to attend other business and finish the job later.

Watch it work
This machine will peel any job (be it sheets or entire rolls) from any of your cutters or print ‘n cut systems. It works with any type of vinyl, print with or without laminate, reflective vinyl and textile vinyl. It is the perfect tool to optimize your work flow!

Save time and money
The Vinyl Remover peels your job in full width. There is no need for the use of Weed boxes or tiling – You can peel a whole roll up to 45 meters in a single work flow without interruptions!

Minimal waste
Are you sick of crumbling up leftover vinyl by hand? Are you Sick of filling your waste bin in no time? No more! The Vinyl Remover collects all leftover vinyl on the core for easy disposal. It even takes up much less space!

Hand free
The Vinyl Remover prevents the already peeled vinyl from making contact with the rest of the job while you peel. You can stop at any given time without losing your progress.

Using less space
You can now peel up to 45 meters without having to move. You don’t need to move around any sheets, and you don’t have to buy a huge table.

The Vinyl Remover can handle rolls in all widths up to 850mm. It can be used from both sides by flipping the handle to the other side.

Easy to use
The Vinyl Remover can be used by anyone, anywhere and doesn’t require any electrical power.

Easy set-up
The Vinyl Remover has been designed to take up the least possible amount of space. It can be mounted directly on your worktable. With extra magnets it can even be mounted to your RollsRoller (or other flatbed table) without the need of screws.

The Vinyl Remover is made of durable materials and will work for many years to come.

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