EZ Weeding Table

Save Time, Money, & Frustration

Increase productivity up to 80%.
The bond between a heat transfer material and its carrier lessens when heated. This patented table heats materials slightly to promote removal from the carrier, resulting in easier weeding with less material breakage.

Save Time
Stahls’ EZ Weeding™ Table heats up for easier weeding of CAD-CUT® heat transfer materials.
• A material with a warm or hot peel will release from the carrier more easily when heated, reducing weeding time by an average of 60%.
• 3 pre-programmed temperature settings- Low, Mid, and High- give the right heat for different materials to make the weeding process as quick as possible.

Save Money
The EZ Weeding™ Table makes the weeding process more efficient which translates to your bottom line.
“We are confident that we will reduce our weeding time at least 60% overall but on very detailed, delicate projects upto 70%. Adding this piece of equipment to our business
will lower our production costs, therefore allowing for more pieces per hour which goes right to the bottom line profit.”

Save Frustration
The EZ Weeding™ Table offers a 20 x 36” surface area with 4 incline positions to help operators weed without frustration while also reducing neck and back pain.
• A clamp-down feature provides te “extra hand” you need when weeding larger designs.
• Heating materials before weeding reduces breaking meaning less frustrating starts and stops even on problem materials.

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