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Zhongyi UVH-110A Gloss Varnish for Paper

A book is as good as the cover. Not to look down upon the value of sincere content, but in this world of appearances, many readers judge a book by its cover. A shiny, glossy cover will more often be picked up for its face value. The same principle holds true for posters, standees and other merchandise.

Just so you don’t lose your customers on account of less than perfect appearance, Zhongyi UVH-110A gloss varnish for spot varnish printing on paper guarantees that your products stand out from the crowd. If your product is awesome, we don’t see why its brochure should be below average.

Zhongyi UVH-110A gloss varnish is a high gloss varnish with good flow capacity, durability, and chemical resistance. To top it all, the varnish displays excellent adhesion and is environment-friendly and has a shelf-life of 12 months if stored in a cool, dark place.

This gloss varnish by Zhongyi can be used on PC, PVC, copperplate, card, synthetic, and other packaging paper. It’s ideal to give a finishing touch to calendars, posters, books and other merchandise.

How to use Zhongyi UVH – 110A Gloss Varnish for Great Spot Varnish Printing Results


SkyScreen recommends that screen printers use Nittoku SmartMesh with a mesh count of 300-350 with 13-15N/cm2. This is an ideal mesh count.


SkyScreen also manufactures its own squeegees. We recommend using SkyScreen’s own brand of squeegees with hardness of 65-75 durometer and solvent resistant urethane blade.


After following steps 1 and 2, you must ensure that the coverage – 35-38㎡/kg under 300mesh for optimum results.


For Great Spot Varnish Printing, it is recommended to use two 5KW UV lamps for the best results.


If you find that the viscosity of Zhongyi UVH-110A varnish is more, then use thinner to reduce the viscosity of the varnish.

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