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Zhongyi UVH-120B Matte Varnish – Infuse Realism in your screen printing results!

Zhongyi UVH-120B Matte Varnish is ideal for infusing realism into your screen printing results. If you’re a real estate developer, imagine what matte finished roads in your brochures would feel like.

Zhongyi UVH-120B Matte Varnish can also add depth to your exhibits by creating the illusion of textures. This is just one application of this varnish. Its use is limited only by imagination.

This matte finish varnish is also used by many a screen printers for adding special effects into the packaging of wines, cigarettes, publishing material, PVC, PET and cosmetic boxes.

Zhongyi UVH-120B Matte Varnish shows excellent adhesion to both plastic and paper. The end results, however will vary according to the glossiness of the substrate.

How to Use UVH-120B for Great Spot UV Results

  • Use Nittoku monofilament mesh with a mesh count of 250-350mesh with 13-15N/cm2.
  • Use SkyScreen Squeegees for their great solvent resistance. Use a squeegee with 70-75 durometer.
  • Coverage – 30-35㎡/kg for mesh under 350.
  • Use UV Machine with two 5KW UV lamps.
  • Use thinner to reduce viscosity of the paste and UVH cure promoter to improve cure speed.

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