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Zhongyi UVH 3D Effect Varnish – A Great Boon for Spot UV Printers

Clearly, Zhongyi UVH 3D Effect Varnish is the most important product in the inventories of spot UV printers. This 3D effect varnish has a glossy finish which makes visiting cards, cosmetic packaging, brochures and other packaging highly elegant and appealing to the impulse buyer.

Zhongyi UVH 3D Effect Varnish has excellent adhesive properties, flexibility and flow. When a finished product is viewed from different angles, the magic of spot UV comes alive. Earlier, to create 3D, holographic effects used to be expensive, but after the arrival of Zhongyi UVH 3D Effect Varnish the production costs have come down manifold, and they have only produced excellent results.

The products packed in an embossed 3D packaging are more often picked off the shelves, owing to a phenomenon called impulse buying. Many smart marketers are exploiting impulse buying, are you?

How to Use Zhongyi 3D Effect Varnish for Great Print Finishing

  • Use a monofilament mesh with a mesh count of 300-380 and mesh tension of 13-15N/cm2. It is recommended have a test print run.
  • Use a 65-75 durometer squeegee with solvent resistant blade, such as polyurethane.
  • COVERAGE: 35-40㎡/kg for mesh count < 350.
  • Use two 5KW UV lamps in the UV machine.
  • Use UVH-1# thinner to reduce the viscosity and UVH curing promoter to improve the curing time.

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