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Zhongyi UVH Abrasive Varnishes – Making Screen Printing a joy!

We once had a client in Mumbai who wanted to make a crocodile graphic appear scaly and not glossy—in print. We recommended him Zhongyi UVH abrasive varnishes. “I never thought my crocodile could come this alive!” He is all praise for these miraculous print finishing products that make screen printing a joy.

There are different requirements in screen printing where clients want more realistic results. Zhongyi UVH abrasive varnishes make that possible. With these varnishes, we were able to carry out many ambitious and creatively satisfying assignments and projects.

Zhongyi UVH abrasive varnishes can be used on gold, silver, laser, and synthetic papers, PVC and PC plastics and BOPP matte film. These finishing varnishes for special effects stick on the substrate like no other and do not come off near the folds.

How to Use Zhongyi UVH Abrasive Varnishes for Realistic Print Finishing

  • Use a monofilament mesh with mesh count in the range of 100-420 with 15-16N/cm2. For strong abrasive, use 100-200 mesh count; for mid abrasive use 200-300 mesh count; for small abrasive use a 300-400 mesh count. Recommended Nittoku mesh.
  • Use squeegees with 75-80 durometer and solvent resistant blade. Recommended SkyScreen squeegees.
  • Coverage – Strong Abrasive: 35㎡/kg, Mid Abrasive: 25㎡/kg, Small Abrasive: 20㎡/kg.
  • Use two 3KW UV lamps.
  • Use thinner to adjust viscosity.
  • The sand sense, appearance, odor and flexibility of the ink can be adjusted to meet requirements of some niche packaging of wines and cigarettes.

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