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Zhongyi UVH- Crystal Varnish for 3D Effects

Jewelers love Zhongyi UVH- Crystal Varnish! Imagine being able to add all that glitter into the product catalogues. Needless to say, consumers are charmed by the alluring display and presentation, and they opt for buying the jewel that has its match even in print.

Zhongyi UVH- Crystal Varnish is no less than a technological wonder. This varnish has now made it possible to add glamour not just to finished products themselves but also to print material that accompanies them. And it’s not just jewelers who can afford all this luxury. Any serious screen printer with imagination can breathe life into his screen printing collaterals.

Zhongyi UVH- Crystal Varnish evokes 3D effects and can also be mixed with glitter flake for certain jobs. If mixing with flake, there can be a little impact on flexibility.

How to Use Zhongyi UVH-Crystal Varnish for Great Results

  • Use Nittoku monofilament mesh with mesh count in the range of 250-350. Use 40-80 mesh when mixing glitter flake in the varnish.
  • Use 70-75 durometer squeegees with solvent resistant blades. Try SkyScreen’s own brand of squeegees.
  • Coverage depends on the printing situation.
  • Use two 5KW UV lamps.
  • Use UVH-1#, UVH-2# thinner, and UVH-bubble remover (0.5-1.5%).

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