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Zhongyi UVH-Gloss Varnish for Matte Materials – Shine Out!

Sometimes some areas on matte materials need to shine out. Zhongyi UVH-Gloss varnish for matte materials promises just that. It’s because of this promise, this gloss varnish is used by food packaging companies, cosmetic manufacturers, and publishing houses to add icing on the cake.

Your product has higher chances of selling if the packaging is just right. Today, appearance matters; branding and packaging can go a long way in establishing your market. If packaging is appealing, product must be good too. That’s how a buyer thinks. Use Zhongyi UVH-Gloss varnish for striking that right chord with your consumers and tell them that you have arrived, and how!

Zhongyi UVH-Gloss varnish for matte materials is a high gloss varnish with exceptional flexibility and flow characteristics. It can be used on coated PET film, BOPP matte paper, rigid PVC, ABS, and plastical materials.

How to use Zhongyi UVH-Gloss Varnish on Matte Materials

  • Use Nittoku monofilament mesh with a count of 300-380 and 13-15N/cm2.
  • Use 65-75 durometer squeegees with solvent resistant blade.
  • Coverage – 35-40㎡/kg on mesh under 350.
  • Use two 5KW UV lamps.
  • Use thinner to reduce the viscosity and curing promoter to improve the curing time.

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