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Zhongyi UVH Refractive Varnish – The next level in Screen Printing

Take your screen printing game to a next level with Zhongyi UVH Refractive Varnish that produces excellent refractive effect to mirror gold and silver textures and iridescence.

Zhongyi UVH Refractive Varnish can be used on substrates such as gold and silver card paper, laser card paper, PVC sheets etc.

Zhongyi UVH refractive varnish finds application in packaging of wine and cigarettes, calendars, and cosmetic boxes etc. When compared to traditional printing technologies, screen printing with this refractive varnish not only produces exceptional results but also is a lot more affordable.

This affordability with unmatched screen printing results is perhaps the reason why over 300 screen printers in India love Zhongyi UVH refractive varnish by Zhongyi.

How to use Zhongyi UVH refractive Varnish for Great Results

  • Use a monofilament mesh, preferably Nittoku 350-420 mesh with 13-15N/cm2. The production of film and mesh play an important role in printing with UVH refractive varnish. The fineness and glossiness of the results are also determined by the quality of the mesh and substrate glossiness.
  • Use a squeegee with 65-75 durometer with solvent resistant blade. SkyScreen squeegees are recommended as they are made up of polyurethane.
  • Coverage – 40㎡/kg for mesh under420.
  • Use two 5KW UV lamps.
  • Use thinner to adjust the viscosity of the refractive varnish. For fine line printing, pay more attention to adjust the viscosity and printing methods.
  • It is recommended to keep air pressure under 7-8kgf/cm, 0.68-0.78mpa.

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