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Zhongyi UVH Snow Varnish

Do you want dazzling, icy, snow effect on your print finishing? It’s now possible with Zhongyi UVH snow varnish that has matt, light scattering effect on paper, PVC, PC, and plastic. This special effect print finishing varnish finds application in brochures, calendars, wine and cigarette packaging and cosmetic packaging.

Zhongyi UVH Snow Varnish might just be one of the many reasons why screen printing takes an advantage over digital printing. Through these special varnishes, printing is exposed to imagination, creativity, and joy. Plus, it delights end customers.

The Zhongyi UVH snow varnish has excellent flexibility and adhesion. It doesn’t come off near the folds. Order Zhongyi UVH snow varnish today to make your screen printing results most admired. After all, more admiration means more profits.

How to Use Zhongyi UVH Abrasive Varnishes for Realistic Print Finishing

  • Use a monofilament mesh with a mesh count of 120-152, and a tension of 14-16 N/c㎡. Please note that the size, gloss of substrate, and speed of creating ice will be affected by the mesh choice. The ice effect can also be affected by adjusting the speed of conveyor.
  • Use a squeegee with 70-75 durometer and solvent resistant blade.
  • COVERAGE – Approximately 40-45㎡/kg for mesh under 140T.
  • Cure by ultra violet curing machine, use three high to medium voltage, mercury-vapor to ensure sufficient UV power for curing. One lamp for creating ice and the other two are for curing.
  • Use UVH-1# thinner and UVH-2# thinner for adjusting viscosity.

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