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Zhongyi UVH Wrinkle Varnish – Go Stylish!

No other process can match the results of screen printing. As our very own Bhargava Mistry of Grafica declares, “It can deliver fruits if you go nuts.” The beauty about screen printing is that every one can have a piece of exotic results at their hands – be it paper, fabric or glass. Zhongyi UVH Wrinkle Varnish goes a long way in making creativity achievable through its special results.

With special effects varnishes by Zhongyi, screen printers with imagination cannot just establish themselves as creative geniuses but can also earn new business for being ahead of the curve.

Zhongyi UVH wrinkle varnish produces excellent scaly, wrinkly effects on substrates. Who said wrinkles were bad? Many packagers are realizing otherwise. Bored of printing glossy, shiny wedding cards?

Try Zhongyi UVH wrinkle varnish to make your wedding cards stand out from rest. Use it for special occasions and mark them in the memory of others too with the help of this special varnish. Zhongyi UVH wrinkle varnish can be used on paper, PVC sheets, organic glass and other filmed papers.

Tips to Use Zhongyi UVH Wrinkle Varnish for Great Print Finishing

  • Dry the moist paper in sunshine or curing machine.
  • Avoid printing in humid shop conditions.
  • Once over, dry the finished prints in sunshine or curing machine.

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