How to Degrease the Screen Mesh in 5 Simple Steps

THIS POST DEALS ABOUT DEGREASING the screen for screen printing. These are some of the most pivotal steps that can ensure long life of your screen printing stencils.


Follow these simple steps to degrease your screen mesh effortlessly. Dampen the screen mesh thoroughly with water.


Apply the Ulano Gel No. 23 evenly on both the sides of the screen mesh. If the Gel is applied evenly, the degreasing process will be smoother.


Using a Nylon scrub brush with soft bristles, vigorously scrub both sides of the mesh screen. Start at the upper left corner and using small, counter-clockwise circular motions, move left to right in descending rows. Work your way towards the bottom of the screen. Next, retrace your steps in clockwise circles. Once you have reached where you began, scrub the mesh horizontally working in rows from top to bottom; then vertically scrub the mesh moving in columns from left to right. Then scrub the screen in a crisscross manner. On Squeegee side of the mesh, repeat the process.


After scrubbing both sides of the mesh, rinse thoroughly with a high pressure water gun; squeegee side first. Use hot or cold water.


Dry the mesh screen in a horizontal position naturally, or in a screen drying machine. Note that Ulano Gel No. 23 works best with synthetic mesh on all stencil systems.

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