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A multifaceted & Advanced T-shirt Printing/Garment Decoration facility Right in the heart of Mumbai

The Fashion world is now moving towards Digital Garment printing (DTG), Sublimation, and new generation concepts such as Heat Transfer Vinyl Films.

So, Skyscreen Fashion Studio, located at Sion in Mumbai, offers total solutions for garment decoration / T-shirt printing, for individual customers or corporate and institutional customers.

Services Offered: Garment decoration job work & Ready to use Heat Transfer Stickers Demo Centre / Training Centre

Garment decoration job work:

Skyscreen Fashion Studio undertakes small and larger orders for T-shirt printing/garment decoration (DTG or heat transfers) from Advertising Agencies, Graphic Design Studios, Events Management companies, individuals, Corporates, NGOs, Mobile stores, Garment Manufacturers, Educational Institutes, etc. The service is only for domestic market.

Ready to use Heat Transfer Stickers:

Garment manufacturers who do not want to set up In-house heat transfer printing facility can now source ready to use heat transfer stickers from Skyscreen Fashion Studio. This way they can not only save time and investment but also carefree and focus on other aspects of garment production and finishing.

Skyscreen Fashion Studio undertakes printing and supply of ready to use heat transfer stickers to small and large garment manufacturers in bulk quantity – both CAD–CUT and CAD– COLOR type. They have to place it on garment and fuse / transfer it as required. Skyscreen Fashion Studio can undertake export orders as well.

Our Infrastructure:

Owned by Skyscreen Pvt Ltd, the Skyscreen Fashion Studio is located at Sion in Mumbai … logistically easily accessible. The T-shirt printing / Garment decoration Studio-cum-Demo Centre has all advanced infrastructure backed by a highly skilled team

Heat Transfer Facilities:

Stahls’ CAD-CUT & CAD-COLOR heat transfer vinyl films:

Skyscreen imports and keeps stock of a wide range of Stahls’ heat transfer vinyl films:

CAD-CUT: Basic Film plus Acrylic PSA Carrier, Premium plus Acrylic PSA Carrier, Foil, Flock, Glitter Flake, Chameleon, Fashion-Reflect, Glow-in-Dark, Silicon 3D, and many more.

CAD-COLOR: Basic Print (Opaque), SuperTek Clear Gloss, SuperTek Opaque, MetalTEK Silver, SuperTek Sublistop Opaque, Glitter Flake, Glow-in-Dark and many more.

Stahls’ Heat Press:

For production and demo purpose the Skyscreen Studio has two semi auto heat presses from Stahls – 11 X 15 inch and manual 16 X 20 inch production area.

GCC Cutting Plotter:

Skyscreen Studio has Expert II LX & Ex II 24 Professional Cutting Plotters from GCC Taiwan. The Studio has 5 GCC cutting plotters which are constantly on production mode.

Roland Print-n-Cut machine:

Skyscreen Studio has an advanced print-cut machine to print and cut customers’ designs on CAD-COLOR heat transfer vinyl film for multi-color jobs. The machine is supported by Roland’s Versa Works software.

High speed Mirage DTG from Azonprinter, Croatia:

Application: The DTG is capable of printing on a wide range of finished garments such as T-shirts, sleeves, jeans, apron, cloth panels and more.

The Mirage DTG (Print area: 600 X 800 mm) is specially designed for industrial production and large quantities. The DTG delivers reliable quality printing solution.

The Mirage DTG is perfectly adaptive for large-scale facilities or even smaller printing applications. It delivers faster production, with superb and outstanding features in terms of wide color gamut & durability of print.

WTS stone Motif & WTS Sequin Motif transfer facility For all your garment decoration or embellishment.

WTS Automatic Sequin Motif:

Sequins are flat, iridescent, colorful, pieces of plastic that come in various shapes and sizes (circles, stars, hearts, squares, etc.), viz, from 2 mm to 9 mm. The Sequin Motif can be used for decorating (value addition) T-shirts, bags, caps, etc. Since there is no thread line, it looks neat and beautiful.

WTS stone motif machine:

Stone motif machine is used for enhancing the look of apparels and garments with Stones Motif or Rhinestone motifs. The WTS Stone motif machine can set multiple rhinestones into a design in less time regardless of size.

Demo Centre / Training Centre:

Printers and entrepreneurs, wanting to start their personalised T-shirt printing business can now visit Skyscreen Fashion studio (by prior appointment) to understand the concept and get hands on experience.

Customers can come for trials & demo before making investment decision and Skyscreen’s team provides training after installation of equipment.

A team of skilled and creative manpower

Skyscreen Fashion Studio has Technical team, graphic designers and staff who are trained in heat transfer & DTG Printing process.

What are you waiting for? You have 3 Choices!

  • Set up inhouse custom made T-shirt printing facility with Mirage DTG and/or Heat Transfer printing (Stahls heat press, GCC cutting plotter.
  • Avail off our comprehensive, faster T-shirt printing services
  • Get ‘ready to use heat transfer stickers’ printed in our Studio.

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