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Clam Basic

Easy to handle, easy to program and easy to use. This heat press is the obvious choice for new businesses, anyone who needs a travel press or those looking for a back-up heat press.

CAD-CUT Basic Film Plus

CAD-CUT Basic film Plus with no adhesive backed carrier, it is ideal for large designs, numbers and letters as the film is easy to weed.

Dual Air Fusion

Stahls’ Hotronix® designs, engineers and manufacturers the World’s most innovative and technologically advanced heat press machines with one goal in mind - to exceed customer expectations at a competitive cost.


You need more than just material and a heat press to make great-looking garments. These accessories will help you create the best jerseys and T-Shirts possible, whether you're using pre-cut letters & numbers or cutting your own.

EZ Weeding Table

The bond between a heat transfer material and its carrier lessens when heated. This patented table heats materials slightly to promote removal from the carrier, resulting in easier weeding with less material breakage.

CAD-CUT Premium Plus

CAD-CUT Premium Plus film has a satin finish and is notablefor easy cutting and weeding. Suitable for several print proofs.

Auto Open Clam

These particularly user-friendly heat presses operate without a compressor, yet have an auto-open function using built-in magnets. The Sprint® Mag presses have digital timer, pressure and temperature read-outs.

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